Architecture Dissertation Topics | Thesis Topics (100 examples)

100 Dissertation Topics For Your Thesis Report

A dissertation is the key element of final year. The objective of introducing dissertation is to develop the research aptitude, analytics and synthesize skills of report writing and presentation in the form of seminar. The work can be done on any topic under the broader subject in any stream of architecture, known theories, established practices etc. related to the field of architecture.


List Of Latest Dissertation Topics For Your Architectural Thesis Report –

  • Development of waterfront
  • Timber structure
  • Steel structures for large spans
  • Doubly covered / Curvillinear RCC structure
  • Construction technology
  • Painting on old and new structures
  • External cladding / Finishes
  • Maintainance of the building
  • Space frame structures
  • Water purification system for swimming pools / Small township
  • Fire fighting eqipment for high rise building
  • Staircases
  • Kitchen arrangement (Planning) for MIG houses
  • Low-cost techniques for buildings
  • Appropriate technology for rural / tribal houses
  • Acoustical treatment and control throuh plan / shape and the choice of material
  • Foundations for problematic soils for multi storey structures
  • Bridge construction / bridge architecture
  • Level segregation of the traffic
Timber Structure
  • Vertical transportation in buildings (Lifts/ Escalators)
  • Horizontal transprtation in buildings (Travellators)
  • Planning and designing of the ducts for AC, service lines
  • Grille designing in the mild steel and aluminum
  • Designing and placement of door knobs and handles
  • Street / basement parking
  • Mud architecture
  • Stabilized bricks
  • Hydrated lines
  • New proprietary materials
  • Solar architecture
  • Psychology of colors
  • Human responses to tall buildings
  • Cost saving devices in buildings
  • Passive solar energy as remedy to power shortage
  • Slums- A major factor in urban development
  • Planning and designing of buildings in earth quake zones
  • Roles of heritage in city planning
  • Implications of infrastructure in an urban area
  • Critical analysis of the philosophy of and works of a renowned architect
  • Outdoor lighting for public buildings
  • Designing with plants
  • Day lighting in architecture
  • Shading devices for opening in buildings
  • Courtyard planning in architecture
  • Creation of low cost housing
  • Maximizing green space in residential buildings
  • Architectural strctures propogation of sound
  • Elements of landscaping
  • Apartment architecture
Phychology of Colors
  • Minimalist design in compact areas
  • Sustainability aspects of airport architecture
  • Temple architecture
  • Architectural planning for urban agriculture
  • Neo futurism architecture
  • Sustainability in kinetic architecture
  • Impact of materials and technologies in health care buildings
  • Maximizing small spaces
  • Child-friendly landscapes
  • Barrier free architecture
  • Elements of site planning
  • Water as an element of design
  • Role of ancient building in tourism and photography
  • Zero energy building
  • Storm water management
  • Housing design for flood prone areas
  • Solid waste management
  • Fluid architecture
  • The environment ideal for a rehaeb
  • Structure ae aesthetic element in architecture
  • Urban cultural spaces
  • History and analysis of landscaping
  • Heritage museums
  • Airport and its functioning
  • Cinema and theatre architecture
  • Skyscraper design
  • Suburban homes for multifamily
  • Aquarium- aqua design and display
  • Gaming and animation studio
  • Multimedia film city
  • Excellence center
  • Marine park design
  • Transport study and station
  • Convention center
  • Museum designing
  • Memorials designing
  • Automobile training center and expo
  • Archaeological survey institude
  • School of art and desing
  • Bus terminal cum commertial complex
  • Luxury beach/ sea/ lake/ river facing apartments
  • Bio climatic buildings
  • Cruise terminal design
  • Stadium design
  • Sports training center
  • Media center
  • Resort design
  • Disaster management institude
  • Television and film institude
  • Polo retreat/ golf course
  • Educational institude for rural children

A broad categories of topics can have multiple categories and it can contribute in the thesis in the form of elective or design concept.

For Example – If you are interested in ‘’ BUS TERMINAL ‘’ as your thesis project then you can work on Parking Layouts of Terminal, Allied Services in the Terminal, Long Span Structure, Multistory Parking, Mechanized Parking, Geometric Configuration of the Form for Terminals, Modular Spaces for the Terminals, RCC Structures best for Terminals, Interiors of the Terminal, Organic Forms, Historical study, Material used for Public Purpose, Solar Energy, Visual Communication in Terminals.


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