30×50 House Plan | North Facing With Vastu Shastra

30 X 50 House Plan | 30x 50 Ground Floor Plan | 30 * 50 House Plan With Garden | 30 X 50 House Plan With Car Parking |30 X 50 House Plan With Vastu Shastra | 30 X 50 House Plan 2 BHK

Hello and welcome to Architego.com , this north facing house plan is designed according to vastu shastra. Length and width of this house plan are 30ft x 50ft. This house plan is built on 1500 Sq. Ft. property . This is a 2Bhk ground floor plan with a front garden, veranda ( sit-out ), a car parking, living cum dining area, kitchen, puja, laundry, O.T.S, bedroom 1 with common toilet, bedroom 2 with attached toilet. All the spaces are placed according to vastu shastra. This house is facing north and the user can take advantage of north and east sunlight.

30×50 House Plan 2 BHK with Vastu Shastra

30×50 House Plan


  • Porch with one car parking 7’9 1/2″ x 30′ 3″
  • Veranda 11’2 1/2″ x 10’10”
  • Front garden 10’8 1/2″ x 5’8″
  • Living area 10’10” x 10’3″
  • Dining area 17’1″ x 12’2″
  • Kitchen 10’1 1/2″ x 10′ 2″ with laundry 11’10” x 4′ 1/2″ and puja room 6’1″ x 4’1/2″
  • Bedroom1 10’10 1/2″ x 15’3 1/2″
  • 1 Common toilet 7’9″ x 6′
  • Bedroom2 10’3 1/2″ x 14’1″ with attached toilet 4’1/2″ x 7’1″
  • O.T.S 4’1/2″ x 4’8″


The concept behind this house is to create a semi-open environment around the house and also giving the privacy to the users. The exterior walls are thick to maintain the temperature inside the house. Laundry and O.T.S gives ventilation and sunlight to the bedroom 1 and dining area. All the spaces have access to sunlight and natural ventilation.

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The entrance of the property takes you to the porch that can be used to park a car. veranda is a step up from the porch. There is a garden in the right side of the veranda for plantation purpose. Verandah leads you to north facing entrance of living cum dining room. The second east facing entrance leads you to dining area. The living-dining area is connecting every space together. Living room is placed towards east direction and have access to the common toilet. The kitchen is placed in southeast direction. Puja room is placed in east direction. Both bedrooms are placed in southwest direction. Bedroom 1 is connected through passage and gets cross ventilation and sunlight from laundry and O.T.S area. Bedroom 2 gets ventilation and sunlight from front garden. All the spaces have access to sunlight and natural ventilation.

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