2 BHK Apartment Floor Plan

2 BHK Apartment Plan | 2 BHK Flat Plan | 2 BHK Apartment Plan 4 Units

A 2BHK apartment is a residential unit that typically features two bedrooms, a hall/living room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. It is a popular choice for small families or couples who want a comfortable living space without the expense of a larger home.

2 Bhk Apartment Plan


The main entrance door leads to the foyer which opens into the living room/hall. This area can be used for relaxation, watching TV or as a dining area. The living area gets natural sunlight and ventilation from a large sliding door leads to the balcony.

One of the bedrooms is located adjacent to the living room. It would typically have a separate bathroom located in the hallway.

The other bedroom, which is usually the master bedroom, is located opposite to the 1st bedroom. It have an attached bathroom and walk in closet.

The kitchen is located adjacent to the living room, and it can be either a separate room or an open-plan kitchen.

There is a open balcony utility area/ wash area attached to the kitchen where you can keep washing machines or other household appliances.

The apartment may have additional storage space like a pantry or built-in wardrobe.


The concept of a 2BHK apartment plan revolves around creating a comfortable living space for a small family or a couple. Here are some key concepts that are typically incorporated in a 2BHK apartment plan:

  1. 2BHK apartment plan focuses on maximizing the available space to create a functional and comfortable living space. The layout is designed in a way that utilizes every inch of available space while providing a sense of openness.
  2. The 2BHK apartment plan includes two separate bedrooms to provide privacy and comfort. The master bedroom usually comes with an attached bathroom.
  3. An open-plan living and dining area can help create a sense of spaciousness and facilitate easier movement. It also provides ample natural light and ventilation to the apartment.
  4. Functional kitchen: The kitchen is designed to be functional and spacious enough to accommodate the needs of the residents. It should include all the necessary amenities like a sink, stove, oven, and adequate counter space.
  5. The utilities like the washing machine, refrigerator, and other appliances are easily accessible and placed in convenient locations.

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